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Quadrax Q-Lock Plow Mounting System

Quadrax Q-Lock Plow Mounting System

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QUADRAX Q-LOCK Universal Mounting System

- Allows the installation of a plow blade on all ATV/UTV

- Compatible with ALL Quadrax plow blades

We recommend a winch equipped with an automatic brake. (Not included).  A 2” receiver hitch is required.

The frame is made of a Strong U shaped steel arm going under the vehicle to the rear and attaches to the hitch of the ATV. The frame is equipped with a shock absorbing device that minimizes the possibility of damages to the ATV in case of impact between the plow and a fixed object.  The length of the frame is adjustable from 73” to 105”, allowing installation on most ATV models. For UTVs or ATVs equipped with a track system, the extension 165-12021 is available as an option, changing the lengths of the frame for 99” to 134”.  The frame is equipped with a rotating plow support that adjusts from left to right in 5 positions and simply locks in the desired position with a spring loaded T-handle pin.

Installation Procedure:

Step 1: Add a 2” receiver hitch on the ATV (if needed)

Step 2: Install 2” ball mount with universal attachment

Step 3: Roll ATV over the frame

Step 4: Lift and engage frame hook over the attachment

Step 5: Lock hook with receiver pin

Optional accessories:

• Articulated Arm Installs with all Quadrax plows. Raises the Blade 25 degrees higher than conventional plow systems. The only arm allowing easy loading of a vehicle (ATV or UTV) equipped with a plow on a trailer or truck. We strongly recommend the use of the pulley assembly 165-35120 for vehicles with a winch positioned too low.

• Cable assembly for remote control allows the locking action of the T-handle pin so as to adjust the angle of the plow without leaving the seat of your ATV.

• Winch Hoist Limit switch Kit prevents any damage that could be caused to the ATV or the plow frame if the winch cable is pulled over the limit of the frame or after the plow blade has reached its maximum height.

• Pulley Assembly to pull vertically instead of pulling backward.

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