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PowerMadd "Star Series" Handguards

PowerMadd "Star Series" Handguards

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PowerMadd Star Series Handguards

The strongest protection you can buy. The Star Series handguard is designed to take a beating. The mounting brackets are tough aluminum, while the guard itself is made of two different types of plastic.

  • Stiff Spine for Durability
  • Softer Colored Body for Flexibility


The Star Series protects your hands from flying debris, rocks, bushes, branches, and mud. Plus it keeps your hands warmer by blocking the wind in cold weather. In the summer, simply snap out the removable vent cover to let air flow through. In the winter, remove the vent cover and replace with the optional extension for added wind protection (sold separately).

The Star Series is designed with a universal on ATV’s, motorcycles and snowmobiles and requires only 1/2” of bar space.


ATV & Motorcycle Mount Kit

This kit has a slight bend in the mounting brackets which flares the end of the handguard out away from the handlebar, providing more room for clutch and brake levers.  Note - will not fit on Yamaha Grizzly '07-current - use Tri Mount instead.
Tri-Mount Kit

This kit can be used on ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles when room on the bars is hard to come by.  This kit mounts past the bend in the bar so there is no need to move levers or controls.  Works great on utility ATVs and snowmobiles with larger control modules. Note - fits 7/8" bars

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