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OptiMate 6 (5.0 AMPS) - Initializer

OptiMate 6 (5.0 AMPS) - Initializer

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OptiMate 6 (5.0 AMPS)

The new OptiMate 6 is the world`s most advanced and versatile battery charger, maintainer and tester. With an enhanced multi-stage desulfation program it is able to save batteries other chargers can't. The ampmatic™ microprocessor automatically diagnoses the condition and automatically
chooses the best charge current & program. Also able to correctly initialize & charge new sealed batteries where the acid pack is being added. Includes a weatherproof enclosure with wall mounts and cables rated down to -40 degrees F/C, specifically for water & snow markets. The eco friendly program ensures low power consumption, while keeping the battery fully charged, safely maintained, month after month.

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