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Hitcase for iPhone 5

Hitcase for iPhone 5

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Hitcase PRO for IPhone 5 & 5S

The Hitcase Pro turns your iPhone 5/5s into an excellent action camera on it's own without having to carry extra gear. It’s designed to give you a wider perspective so you can get more action out of your videos and photos. Our compact precision lens, combined with rugged weather, and
waterproof features gives you an exceptional iPhone accessory that keeps your focus where it needs to be.

Waterproof and rugged.
Our patent pending ShockSeal design protects your phone from the elements while shielding it from shocks and drops so you can adventure with confidence.

Railslide™ Mount system.
Mount anywhere! Mount HitcaseTM without removing your helmet! Comes with a GoPro® compatible mount, as well as our TRipod and StickR mounts.  Auto locking and One button trigger release makes this the easiest mount you’ve ever used.

Wide angle lens.
Hitcase Pro 5/5s has a precision three-element 170° lens for capturing beautiful photos and stunning videos. It triples the effective field of view of your iPhone so you get more action.

Hitcase Pro includes:
• Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5/5S
• GoPro® Compatible Railslide™ Mount
• Tripod TiltR
• StickR Mount
• Wrist Strap
• Additional Port Plug
• Quick Start Guide
• Free Vidometer App for iPhone


Hitcase PRO+ for iPhone 5, 5C & 5S

The Hitcase Pro+ covers the current iPhone line-up which includes the 5, 5c and the very popular 5s. The Pro+ is a rugged, waterproof (to 10 meters), quick mounting, GoPro compatible adventure case. There are two TrueLUX™ lens options included in the package. A 170° wide angle lens which shoots 3 times the area of a normal iPhone 5 lens. Also, a TrueLUX™ flat lens which
shoots the same as an iPhone 5 lens but offers the user added protection of the Hitcase. The lenses are easily interchanged by just a turn of the wrist.

Hitcase PRO+ includes:

• Hitcase Pro+
• Super Wide TrueLUX™ Lens
• Flat TrueLUX™ Lens
• ShootR Extension Pole
• Tripod TiltR
• Railslide Mounting System
• Lanyard
• Two Lens Caps
• Quick Start Guide

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