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Crankshaft Exchange Program

Description of a Rebuildable Core Crankshaft:

  • Core crankshaft must be the same as the one that was ordered
  • No modification made (stock condition).
  • In rebuildable condition (crankshaft itself not snapped off or worn beyond repair)

Core Exchange:

All Remanufactured crankshafts have a core charge included in the price and are sold on a Rebuildable Core Exchange basis.  Once the Rebuildable core is received and inspected, the core charge will be refunded.  The core should be shipped to Kelly's in a timely manner (within (20) twenty days of the billing date), if not we reserve the right to cancel the order or apply a late fee of 25% of the applicable core charge for each additional period of (10) ten days of delay. Core received should be the same model as the one purchased. Should you return another model than the one purchased, a charge for substitution will be deducted from your core credit. Your core crankshaft must be in rebuildable condition.  Your core must be received and inspected prior to replacement crankshaft being shipped out.  If excessive damage is discovered upon inspection of your core, you will be notified of the cost to repair or to replace the damaged area(s).  If this is the case, the replacement crankshaft will be shipped out once payment for the necessary repairs / replacement is received.  If you decide not to go ahead with any repairs or purchase of replacement parts, your unusable core will be shipped collect back to you or scrapped if you wish.